Salvus Mastertrust Governance Reporting

The Trustee Board of Cushon Master Trust (of which Salvus is a trading name) will publish a number of documents to maintain a transparent approach to pension scheme governance and administration.

The Trustee board believes that demonstrating that Salvus has the required level of process and control via an independent audit is the correct approach for all workplace pension providers. To that end, Salvus follows The ICAEW joint approach with The Pensions Regulator which resulted in the Mastertrust Assurance Framework AAF 02/07. For more information on this audit please visit

To review the MAF audit document itself produced by independent ICAEW Auditors, Rothmans please see below.


Salvus achieves Mastertrust Assurance Framework accreditation

Salvus Mastertrust MAF Audit April 2016

Chair's Statement 2015

Chair's Statement 2016

Chair's Statement 2017

Chair's Statement 2018

Chair's Statement 2019

Chair's Statement 2020

Salvus Mastertrust MAF 2 Audit March 2019

Statement of Investment Principles

Implementation Statement