Salvus Master Trust – Employer Set Up

By completing the following screens the employer is agreeing to participate in Salvus Master Trust, therefore, please review the following before proceeding.

By proceeding, you are confirming the employer:

  • knows their legal duties and duties start date, if unsure, click here 
  • agrees to pay contributions by Direct Debit, do not continue if they do not have a UK bank account that accepts DDs
  • understands that employee contributions are collected by net pay method, deducted gross before tax
  • agrees to submit contribution data by the 5th of the month following deduction from pay

Important notes:

  • Salvus Master Trust accepts all employers
  • if you would like to request preferential terms, or if the request is only at tender stage, please email a summary of the employer and anonyomised member data, including DOBs, Salaries, Contributions and Transfer Values to 
  • it is assumed that the employer will complete their workforce assessment in payroll, please contact if wishing to use Salvus Master Trust’s assessment option
  • this process is for employers setting up a Qualifying Workplace Pension Scheme, contact for other requests
  • if the employer has more than one pensionable salary definition, please complete this process for each section of staff
  • view Salvus Master Trust terms and conditions here
  • General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR")  
  • Privacy Policy

Are you a late or non-compliant employer?

Salvus Master Trust reserves the right to charge any employer additional fees if they are currently non-compliant with either Auto-enrolment or contribution regulations. If you have any questions or concerns whether this applies, before applying please contact

  • £40 plus VAT per month, payable by the employer which is deducted monthly by direct debit
  • one off fee, determined by the expected additional work requirement at set up

Please make a note of your reference number on the next page.


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